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With prestigious Italian design, the special luxury systems for railing and roof of TOSATTI are symbols of versatility and intelligent solution for the best use of space and security.
Modern luxury systems for railing and roof of TOSATTI are designed and developed by Italian engineers and are produced only in-order. The products are designed to the highest standard market.

The company offers two railing options: 1. intelligent marriage between PVC and Stainless Steel, manufactured with fixed frame in PVC, bond angles in fully reinforced PVC, 12 mm laminated tempered glass and stainless steel pipes that are part of the palm rest and of the front decoration; 2. the most common indoors, the system is manufactured only with Stainless Steel. Both are manufactured within the norm of the ABNT (Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas/Brazilian Association of Technical Standards), NBR 14718.

The roof developed by TOSATTI is manufactured according to customer design. It is a combination of fixed PVC frame angled or straight with reinforcements and finishes in Stainless Steel. The systems are ideal for buildings located in coastal areas and are designed to be installed on front door of a building; with this product, the rooms are bright and with a luxury finish.