missaoIn recent years, with the constant effort to bring elegance, excellence and energy saving in buildings by designing the manufacture of a full range of systems for doors and windows made of PVC, it was possible to perform several important tasks throughout the national territory.

The satisfaction of our customers has contributed to the affirmation and recognition of TOSATTI, now a global organization whose mission is born from the desire to create, first of all, a strong bond of partnership with its clients.

The essential feature that makes TOSATTI products recognized worldwide is the sleek and contemporary design, capable of conferring a high aesthetic value of architectural context, in which is included super-advanced technology that simplifies the life of the great professionals. In addition to obtaining high levels of thermal and acoustic insulation, saves energy and thus a tangible reduction in cost of heating and cooling of buildings.


Products and services in full compliance with Brazilian and European Standards are being offered to the final consumer as well as a select network, operating in close dialogue relationship with all business areas, with a connection diagram and a personalized and attentive service.



Always at your disposal, the technical team of TOSATTI together with the sales consultants, all with many years of experience in the field, is able to offer advice to 360 degrees on products and production technologies, as well as advice on how to revitalize your project.


7-pic-irThe essence of our mission can be summarized as follows:

▪ Aesthetics with innovative Italian design;
▪ Customer orientation;
▪ Continuous improvement;
▪ Eco-sustainability;
▪ Developing research and innovation of new products.


TOSATTI works with personalized collaboration, ensuring each answer for the customer and specific interventions. 
The service consists of a team of experienced technicians and prepared to solve any problem, act quickly and with maximum precision.
Our team of professionals is trained to facilitate by providing advice, information and guidance, procedures for the purchase and maintenance of our products.

A counseling service is always in active for any questions and to direct the client in order to give you peace of mind and immediate answers.