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Thermo-acoustic Insulation

TOSATTI presents you the most complete systems for PVC door and window of the market, the products originate from research, performance and Italian design, with a focus on environmental sustainability. The studies of a door or a window esthetics originate from combining color components, unique special cares and refined finishes.

Intelligent solutions with high quality standards are produced exclusively for each TOSATTI client; the doors and the windows adapt easily to different environments: rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, balconies, roofs, in new projects or reforms that combine with various architectural projects.

TOSATTI products are developed by Italian architects and engineers; the performance of luxury doors and windows is adapted to the more selective levels of resistance to atmospheric agents in Brazil, thanks to the particular PVC formulation for tropical climates guaranteeing full color quality systems. The TOSATTI PVC profiles don’t yellow with age and preserve the new look of the doors and windows.

The TOSATTI luxury profiles for doors and windows have multi-camera and its interior is fully reinforced with galvanized steel or, in the case of special top-end lines, PVC profiles accompany synthetic reinforcements with glass fibers and polyurethane foam, also have special rubbers to seal in all its lines. In forming the frames, the four angles of the profiles forming the frame are welded simultaneously, forming monoblock, which prevents the infiltration. The frames receive European fittings that offer great weather resistance and safety, which are combined with structural glass that is carefully evaluated to withstand the individual characteristics of each region, increases the mechanical strength properties, lightness and provides a great thermo-acoustic performance.

Thanks to the simplification of operations in industrial assembly and raw material used, TOSATTI products help reduce the impact of emissions to the environment and preserve natural resources.

PerdadeEnergia-enThermal Insulation

The heat exchanges of a house happen mainly through the doors and windows. By using TOSATTI systems that provide thermal insulation, these exchanges are reduced, enabling saving the energy expenses. For example, to cool a house that uses TOSATTI PVC doors and windows on a hot day, you must use the air conditioner with less power than in a house that uses common window; this process also applies to the house warming on a cold day, so that the heater would be used at lower powers. The degree of thermal insulation of a window depends on the following factors:

•    Type of material with which the frames are made;
•    Passage of air between sheet and mark;
•    How the window glass is inserted into the sheet and what is the type of glass;
•    Window installation in the work.



The soundproofing of a door or a window is very important, not only for comfort but also to increase the quality of life.
The TOSATTI doors and windows allow them to be used various glass thicknesses (4 mm to 55 mm), thereby enhancing the insulating properties. With TOSATTI systems is possible to obtain an acoustic insulation up to 46 dB. A correct installation of doors and windows is also essential for the success of the desired goals.

Isolamento-Acustico-enAccording to NBR 10.152 standard of ABNT (Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas/Brazilian Association of Technical Standards), the acceptable level of noise is different for each area. The lower value is the noise level for comfort, the greatest means the acceptable level, both in decibles:

•    hospital ward: 35dB a 45dB;
•    classroom: 40dB a 50dB;
•    hotel room: 35dB a 45dB;
•    residential dormitory: 35dB a 45dB;
•    office with computers: 45dB a 65dB;
•    closed pavilions for shows and sports: 45dB a 60dB.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the level of noise recommended for hearing is up to 50 decibels (dB). The figure above right shows examples of average noise levels in decibels.

All TOSATTI PVC doors and windows are in accordance with European standard UNI EN 12608 and also with all technical standards of the ABNT (Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas/Brazilian Association of Technical Standards) valid in Brazil, it even exceeds the requirements of the latest NBR 15.575.
The TOSATTI PVC profiles have ISO 9001 certification, are manufactured with compounds of type S for severe weather, with Ca/Zn stabilizers and are fully recyclable.
Meet the models, colors and other technical details to select each of the various systems of TOSATTI on product sub-items.