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The casement systems for doors and windows of TOSATTI have a contemporary and attractive design and offer adequate technical solution for all building styles. The company offers systems from mild to robust systems that can be applied in various types of buildings and reach from small to large dimensions.
These are casement systems with spaces for various thicknesses of glass, internally reinforced with galvanized steel core that gives the stability of the main structure and ensures extreme rigidity. In manufacturing these, the company uses European hardware systems with multi-point lock, special rubber for sealing and very high standards accessories.
With a range of multi-camera profiles, the system provides exceptional thermal performance, given thus the most stringent regulatory changes in force in Europe. TOSATTI has been able to concentrate its know-how in technical innovations in this systems and presents various options, patented and exclusive.


• Casement window (glass/shutter)
• Casement window for 2 leaves
• Casement door (glass/shutter)
• Casement door for 2 leaves


• Box with manual roller shutter
• Box with automatic roller shutter
• Mullions
• Acoustic glass
• Transom
• 90°/45 connection column
• Tubular connection column

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