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This modern area closure system known as fixed frame has spaces for glasses of various thicknesses; it is produced with special rubber for sealing and different finishing, in its interior is reinforced with galvanized steel core that gives the stability of the main structure and ensures extreme rigidity. TOSATTI produces parts with extremely special and different external reinforcements of the ones offered on the market, all coated with a thin unique finish, this way the system is able to meet large spans and can be combined with other systems produced by the company.

With cost-effective, this is an excellent option to obtain good lighting when applied on stairs, empty, and also in facades.

• Fixed frame
• Fixed frame with N modules
• Fixed geometric frame
• Circular fixed frame


• Box with manual roller shutter
• Box with automatic roller shutter
• Mullions
• Acoustic glass
• Transom / Sill
• 90º/45º connection column
• Tubular connection column

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