ferragens-e-acessoriosDurability, resistance, operation and safety, those are the values that count for TOSATTI, defend them is the priority; in all the hardware used by the company, there are innovative mechanisms to resist corrosion, ensuring efficiency and beauty of a door or window.
We develop solutions so skillfully linking intelligently comfort, safety and energy savings of a building. The hardware used in the systems of TOSATTI are manufactured in Europe, all have certificate of origin, CE certification and meet all the ABNT (Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas/Brazilian Association of Technical Standards) norms in force in Brazil.

Check out some hardware examples used by TOSATTI in their systems for PVC luxury doors and windows:


Mechanisms for windows and doors with double opening (the leaf of the system opens and falls) can be installed on one or more leaves. Pivoting arms permit a controlled venting to exchange air with minimum heat dispersion.

TOSATTI provides accessories for heavy loads up to 180kg.



Our parallel and tilt hardware running guarantee, even in case of high weights, an especially lightweight functionality and precise due to innovative technique rolling car and the new input curve.


protecao-multipontoMulti-point Protection

Security locks with up to five closing points: the points can be hook or clasp; are self adjustable and have protection with innovative mechanisms to resist corrosion. The number of locking points varies according to the size of the door or window.



For a clear line of design throughout the building, TOSATTI offers from the window handle to the door handles. Can be made an universal application for each type of building.


bracos-aco-inoxStainless Steel Arms

TOSATTI uses in projecting systems only the pivot arms reinforced in stainless steel.



In the parallel-slide function, the hardware ensures a safer and more correct operation and adjustment. Operational errors are excluded from this system.


protecao-perfuracaoProtection Drilling Attempts

The hardened steel plate for protection against drilling attempts prevents the break of the handle from outside the building.


ferragens-de-correrLift&Slide Hardware

The lift&slide hardware of TOSATTI fit for both windows and doors. Moreover, a special solution for the ventilation slot: appropriate thresholds and an optional rate-limiting.


sistemas-de-fechamentoLocking Systems

TOSATTI allows your customer to plan a modern facility closure, either in a door or a window individually or all frames of a building. Mechanical or mechatronic cylinders and their combination within a facility produce individual, economic and comfortable solutions.



The screw hinges are flexible solution for entrance and side doors. Used universally for all PVC systems is also suitable for large weights of sheets.


molas-superioresDoor Closers

For individual doors or building complex solutions, the upper door closers enable countless possible combinations suitable to any requirement, both with slide rail as with scissor arm.


sistemas-de-claraboiaFanlight Opening Systems

With fanlight opening systems of TOSATTI, you move fanlights in two ways: 1. Manual opening of the fanlight with supported flat, an energy saving variant costs; 2. Automatic fanlight system that offers maximum comfort ventilation in dump leaves elements with opening to the inside. Both systems are conveniently operable by radio communication or sensor.


TOSATTI uses in its sliding system only shielded European sheave in stainless steel, with bearing and regulation. For each system type and weight is used a specific sheave that leaves the system lightweight and easy to handle.


porta-camaraoSystem for Bifold Door

With the Premium fittings of TOSATTI’s PVC systems, the system opens elegantly and efficiently. The system supports leaves of up to 80kg and all elements are held together to the profiles saving space for sliding.