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9-images1With unique Italian design, the special TOSATTI system of integrated external shutter allows lighting throughout the area of the frame, blackout with or without ventilation and is considered the best solution for dimming environments. The frame and the blinds are grouped in one piece. The system is also known as external roller shutter, as the work piece is rolled up when opened. There are external shutters of different sizes which can be produced in PVC or aluminum depending on preference, on the local climate and on the home architecture.

The roller shutter of TOSATTI offers extreme reliability, durability and can be installed on multiple systems offered by the company, the product can still rely on manual operation, performed by a cord, or automated activation, and installed an engine, which is integrated into the tube of the external blinds, where the piece moves, can be plugged into an outlet (motors wired) or battery powered (wireless engines), the motor can be driven by a wall transmitter or via remote control.

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