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The tilt and turn system produced by TOSATTI is ideal for use in areas with large climatic variations, besides being a system with excellent acoustic damping. The operating system has a dupla-aberturaspecial hardware that surrounds the entire perimeter of sheet, enabling DOUBLE OPENING (open or fall), which allows for full ventilation, if the system is in the open; or limited option, if it is in tip over option.
It is a system with spaces for various thicknesses of glass and reinforced internally with galvanized steel core that provides stability to the main body and extreme rigidity. The company uses European fittings with multi-point lock, special rubber for sealing and very high standards accessories in the production of these systems, which provides comfort, tightness, thermo-acoustic insulation and safety.
With prestigious Italian design, the tilt and turn system is the TOSATTI symbol of versatility and solution.


• Tilt and turn door and window
• Tilt and turn door and window for 2 leaves


• Insect screen
• Box with manual roller shutter
• Box with automatic roller shutter
• Mullions
• Acoustic glasses
• Transom/Sill
• 90°/45° connection column
• Tubular connection column


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