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The top-hung window is used on a large scale in United Kingdom, as a system with high sealing index when closed. It is a projecting system, i.e. the sheet is projected to the outer side of the building which can ensure complete or restricted venting. These systems produced by TOSATTI are the most modern and versatile in the market, the company provides from mild to robust systems that can be applied in various types of buildings and that reach different sizes.
These are systems with spaces for various thicknesses of glass and reinforced internally with galvanized steel core that provides stability to the main body and provides extreme rigidity. The company uses in the production of these systems: reinforced stainless steel arms, European fittings with mono-point and multi-point closing that are selected according to the width of the frame, special rubber for sealing and accessories of the highest standard, providing comfort, tightness, thermo acoustic insulation and security.


• Top-hung
• Top-hung for 2 leaves
• Top-hung for 3 leaves
• Top-hung for 4 leaves
• Top-hung for N leaves


• Insect screen
• Mullions
• Acoustic glass
• Transom/Sill
• 90°/45° connection column
• Tubular connection column

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