The need for a safe window, which lasts over time, strong, whose quality is guaranteed and certified, tried and tested, which won the satisfaction of many clients, applied and employed for completing major works and projects such as communities, hospitals, hotels; whose manufacturing produces he lowest impact possible on natural resources and environment, which does not need any maintenance, which insulates from cold and heat, which protects us from trespassing, which is nice to look at, to open and close, which is a decorative element which we can customize according to our own taste and the style of our home, which is easy to clean and is an investment over years.

When we, at TOSATTI, design a window construction system, it comes from the talent and the research of a team of designing engineers who work together to reach the shared target of producing a model which contains the features of resistance, sturdiness, durability over time, pleasantness of styling lines for the final uses as well as easiness of manufacturing, assembly and storing for the fitter.

A system for a PVC window must, thus, include all these features and have a great flexibility of use: thanks to the wide range of frames and additional elements, the systems are ideal on new buildings and optimal in case of renovations.

Any composition and shape is actually possible, thanks to machinery able to form the profiles in function of the architectural styles of the context on which they will be applied.




When we state that our fitting systems are manufactured with an environmental sustainability perspective, we like to take our inspiration from the quote of the writer Antoine de Saint-Exhupery who in the "Little Prince" states “We do not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children”.
This quote sums up the philosophy which guides us in creating a product which must meet the need to comply with a model of sustainable development.

In LCA Studies (Life Cycle Assessment which keeps in account of CO2 emissions throughout the whole life cycle of the product), the PVC applied to fittings, if compared to other materials, returns excellent results with regards to environmental impact starting from productions, performance during the years it is installed as well as the disposal at the end of its employment.

It is relevant as well to remind that any production waste and scrap is crushed and reintroduced in the production process. The same applies to a PVC fitting which reaches the end of its useful life.
It is not destroyed but recycled and introduced again in the production cycle.






Our policy for corporate quality is certified by the ISO 9001 mark. We have an efficient corporate management system based on solid grounds.

TOSATTI is aligned with the standards of ABNT (Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas – Brazilian Association of Technical Standards) existing in the country, even meets the requirement of the latest NBR 15.575.

A good product, it is known, begins also from the selection of raw materials: we do believe in fact that it is essential to carefully choose and select the compounds of the PVC profiles for being then finely mixed in order to create an unique and exclusive formulation. The refined choice of hardware, accessories and glasses within the established technical standards directly influence the final result and the excellent performance of the TOSATTI luxury frames.

Technical performance of TOSATTI PVC profiles are to be held as high profile and are recapped in the values of the tables regarding each system which clearly show the intent to work constantly on a product which, although keeping a compact (70 mm and 80 mm) and pleasant design it manages to reach technical performances characterised by high performance levels with regards to thermal and sound insulation, water and wind permeability, safety and strength over time.

We conduct periodically several performance tests in our internal Laboratory, the performance is then tested and certified by International level independent entities, ensuring the highest quality possible.

Furthermore, employing skilled staff with a high degree of experience in the field together with a policy of continuous improvement are two cornerstones of TOSATTI's set of values.




Over the years we deepened and strengthened our skills thanks to a technical assistance service ready to timely operate for improving your business at its best.

We listen to any customer in the view of finding solutions and develop new ideas.

Our sales force, it too boasting great experience and technical skills, is able to provide you with a real consultancy service focused to make your business more dynamic and competitive.

We provide to the market: consultancy in the specification of frames, development of custom designs, production of the final product or raw material supply for TOSATTI network, installation and support services to our systems.

Paying attention to customer's needs means keeping an attitude of constant improvement which impacts any corporate department and level in order to understand and read as best as possible the evolution of markets, which are today marked by steady dynamism and constant evolution.