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Materializing your creativity! The PVC frames are transformed with TOSATTI.

logo-design is a new profile of TOSATTI whose inner faces are decorated thanks to a new unprecedented printing technology.
Texture, patterns, images, or graphemes, dare to adorn the luxury PVC doors and windows, everything is done with an inkjet printing technique.
The leaves and the landmarks of frames blend with the environment and become key elements in the decoration of indoor furniture as a framework that offers an elegant appreciation in the landscape.
Without compromising the technical performance, logo-design transforms the appearance of PVC frames and makes frame custom, integrated and unique.
TOSATTI offers a range of profiles with sheets of 70 mm which incorporates a series of patented innovations that meet the requirements:
•    technical and acoustic performance;
•    strength;
•    profiles with five or six indoor cameras according to the required thermal provision;
•    reinforcement embedded in the profile for better stability and sturdiness;
•    decorating offer by theme or custom;
•     logo-design printing solution.

The tools developed by R&D, TOSATTI’s Italian team, enable printing of all kinds of spellings on the inside of the frames. The printing is continuous and follows all the reliefs of the profiles, working well for reproduction and perfect precision.
To ensure the provision of high definition graphics, the resolution is up to 1600 dpi, and everything is created by our designers in Italy.
The surfaces printed in the profile are covered by a clear coating to protect the decoration of scratches and to resist aggression of cleaning products, as well as ensure a good seal color over time.
Protected by a patent, this technique is certified by the CSTB.
Now you can create a variety of more appropriate models for your ideas in different environments: schools, public buildings, hotels, banks, homes, hospitals, etc.
Being a single product in Brazil and for all the technical details involving customized production system, the delivery time of the final product is a little longer than the term of the other products of TOSATTI. Contact us!

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