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TOSATTI offers for the Brazilian market an Italian experience of over 30 years in the electronic field for the realization of photovoltaic systems. The Italian division of alternative energy studies and performs highly functional and cost effective technologies for the customer.
The professionalism and competence of our technicians ensure the construction of a great benefit system, with the security of a high continuity of services.


The realization of large facilities requires organization and high-level logistics in all projects and activities, both for supplies and for execution of works within the established deadlines.
The installation of a PV system is one of the most delicate phases; it is the moment when we move from paper project to the work itself, which requires high level of professionalism and experience.
Aware of the strategic value of the installation phase of a photovoltaic system, TOSATTI assembled a team of competent and passionate installers by this sector. Like the design, the installation of a photovoltaic system should be performed by experienced hands and with utmost care, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. The installer function is decisive for both the installation and for the care and maintenance of the system.

The consulting and design service is articulated in the following phases:

•    Technical inspection
The work suitability assessment; photographic study of the entire area; metric and cartographic analysis.

•    Climate analysis of the work
Determination of climatic factors which contribute in a direct way the scheme of the system.

•    Feasibility study
Evaluation of technical and economic coherence; visual impact analysis; 3D evaluation of the relationship with the landscape; screening and evaluation of the impact on the environment.

•    Project
Preliminary and executive.

•    Case management
Network connection application; assistance to the stipulation of energy sales contracts with the power company; stipulation of agreements with the power company for the provision of incentives.

•    Work
Planning, programming, coordination and control of the works.

•    Putting into practice
Proof, completion.

•    Monitoring and management
Detailed analysis of the performance and of the anomalies.

lampada-fvPV lamp vial LED series is sized to ensure 12 hours lit at night during annual period of lower solar radiation, with four days of autonomy in the absence of sun.
The LED device enables a high luminous efficiency (lm/W) and a high color rendering index.
The PV lamp complies with the requirements for benefits from lighting design categories for public lighting according to the UNI 11248 and UNI 13201-2.
Thanks to its long life and ease of source reduction of its flow, the LED is ideal for combining with photovoltaic.
Single-phase and three-phase devices are bidirectional converters which provide complete management of the energy generated by different renewable sources connected in parallel, which is accumulated in batteries and is supplied to the equipment requiring 10 to 120 kW.
They are designed for use in micro isolated systems applications mains, although the projects that provide for the use of these devices can be adapted to suit different requirements of each customer.
Installing a PV generator is a cost-saving opportunity, self-production of electricity from the sun, in particular, is certainly very advantageous for those who:
•    The residential consumption is higher than 3000 kWh/year;
•    The current consumption in the industrial, commercial and agricultural activities is higher than 6000 kWh/year.
The installation of this system is reliable protection against future increases in the price of electricity or even the lack of energy available on the network.